You can find all the support parameters and macro for publisher integration.

Parameter For Publisher Tracking URL

List of the parameter that you can use in the publisher tracking link

Most Used Parameter


Ask Publisher to pass there click id in p1

sourceAsk the publisher to send their sub-publisher id in this parameter
p2-p10these are open parameter, you can get any information you want from a publisher endapp_namePublishers can pass the app_name in this parameter.
creative_nameUse this to get creative used by publishers.gaiduse this to get GAID from the publisher.
idfaUse this to get IDFA from publisher

Now when you are generating tracking link for the publisher, you can add the above parameter to get the value from publisher end


Publisher Tracking URL{PUBLISHER_CLICK_ID}&source={SUB_PUB_ID}&gaid={GAID}&idfa={IDFA}&app_name={APP_NAME}&

so you need to Ask Publisher to replace it with their system macro.


If you can't able to find value corresponding to the parameter in the report that means the publisher is not sending you data correctly, please check and verify.

Macro For Publisher Postback URL

List of the Macro that you can use in the publisher Postback URL

Most Used Parameter


add this corresponding to their click id parameter in postback

{payout_usd} or {payout}To pass the payout in USD for the campaign
{p2} - {p10}Open parameters to record the values for the publisher's side and pass them back.{txn_id}Passing the unique transaction Id to the Publisher, which is generated from the advertiser's end.
{sub1} - {sub10}Open parameters for passing Advertiser's sub ID

Learn how to add Publisher postback from here.


Publisher Postback URL

The postback URL will be shared by the publisher.

  • Ask their click id parameter
  • what information they need in postback and parameter for those.
  • For which events they need postback from your end.

Let's say below is postback URL from publisher end and aff_sub their click id parameter then{p1}&goal={goal_value}&sub_id={txn_id}


If postback is not recorded on publisher end then please use our troubleshooting guide from here.


  • Publisher Parameter= {Trackier_Macro}
  • Your Publisher will Let you know in which parameter they need what value so confirm with them and use relevant macro corresponding to there parameter.
  • {p1} is mandatory in the server postback tracking method.
  • To verify in Tracking URL let's say adv click id is aff_sub then in 
    • Tracking link it will be like &p1={aff_sub}
    • Postback URL it will be like &aff_sub={p1}
  • Use Server Postback When Publisher has some tracking panel